Atrium Lifts

An Atrium lift is one of the two most common types of industrial lifts, with the second one being a push around manlift. The industries of maintenance, tree service, and construction often employ these lifts. Atrium lifts are ideal for use in situations that require access in confined spaces. Their compact size allows them to fit through small spaces, and let personnel work in high and difficult to reach areas.

Simple and safe

Where a regular ladder does not prove useful, these aerial lifts step in to make the job simpler and safer. Tasks such as painting a ceiling and tree trimming require work at heights that a ladder cannot reach. In just such situations, atrium lifts get the job done. They can be employed both indoors and outdoors, which makes them highly adaptable.

Spider lift

The best thing about using an atrium manlift is that it can stand even on a rough surface and provide a safe working platform. It can reach heights of up to 34 feet, and even more, depending on the model. An atrium lift is also commonly referred to as a spider lift because of its shape. The equipment has long legs that can extend to provide a stronger and more stable foundation.

Compact size

Spider lifts have the ability to turn 360 degrees, allowing personnel to do their job easily. Like other aerial lifts, these ones also come in a variety; some run on battery, while others run on fuel or electricity. Although atrium lifts can be used outdoors, they are mainly designed and intended for indoor use where spaces are confined. When folded up, this equipment can be easily taken through narrow doorways. However, it is helpful to keep in mind that the equipment does take up space when it is set up. Only when it has a strong base can it support a great height.

Atrium lifts are compact and lightweight so they do not pose a risk to the flooring of  a building’s interior. Other lifts might be heavy and cause cracks in the flooring, so an atrium lift is the way to go. As compared to other aerial lifts, these ones are quite flexible and can be used for a wide variety of projects.

Atrium lift for Sale/Hire

Atrium lifts are available for both sale and hire. A well-established company has no problem in investing in a spider lift and its various accessories. However, for a new or small establishment, it is certainly wise to rent this equipment.

Renting options are available on daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and the rates depend on the make and model. Same goes for when purchasing an atrium lift; the price mainly depends on the model. Location is also an important factor to keep in mind as that can certainly affect the prices and rent.

Most suppliers require customers to ask for a quote or estimate, whether it is for purchase or hire.

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