Bricklayer’s / Single Scaffolding System

Single Scaffold

Single scaffolding is one of the major types of scaffolding, although not as common. It is also referred to as brick layer’s scaffolding, and is mostly employed in brick masonry. Its components consist of ledgers, standards, and putlogs. They are placed 1.2 meters from the wall, and are parallel to it. Standards are 2 to … Read more

Modular Scaffolding System

Modular-System Scaffold

Modular scaffolding that is based on the conventional tube and coupler method is the modern scaffold of today. As opposed to the old days, people now are more inclined to design unique looking buildings with complex structures. Modular scaffolding is just the work structure to set up when constructing such a building. Modular scaffolding is … Read more

Atrium Lifts

Atrium Lifts

An Atrium lift is one of the two most common types of industrial lifts, with the second one being a push around manlift. The industries of maintenance, tree service, and construction often employ these lifts. Atrium lifts are ideal for use in situations that require access in confined spaces. Their compact size allows them to … Read more

Boom Lifts

Towable Boom Lift

Boom lifts are a highly versatile aerial lift that comes in different types to suit the needs of various tasks. All varieties of boom lifts come with a few basic parts including a base, a movable arm, a platform or an attachment on the arm. As compared to other types of aerial lifts, these provide … Read more

Scissor Lift

Scissor Type Lift

A scissor lift is a work platform that is designed in a criss-cross fashion, hence the name. Scissor lifts are electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic. Such lifts can move only vertically to allow access to areas at a height, and are used extensively in the manufacturing and construction industry. Scissor lift mechanism A scissor lift is … Read more

Aerial Lifts

Atrium Lifts

Aerial lifts serve to present its users with an elevated work platform at a height for various purposes. It elevates personnel and material to get the job done. Aerial lifts are so flexible and mobile that they have replaced even scaffolding systems in various situations. Types of Aerial Lifts Aerial lifts perform the work of … Read more

Putlog Scaffolding System

Putlog Scaffolding System

Also known as a bricklayer’s scaffold, the putlog scaffolding system involves using the wall of a structure being built as support for the working platform. Putlog scaffold is derived from old masonry – the hole in the wall of a structure under construction is where you ‘put the log’. Because this scaffolding system consists of … Read more

Tubular Scaffolding System

Tubular Scaffold

The Tubular scaffolding system is known by many names, including steel scaffold, tube and clamp scaffold, tube and coupler scaffold, and tube and fitting scaffold. All these terms refer to a type of scaffolding system that employs tubes of different sizes connected to each other with clamps or couplers. It is a conventional form of … Read more

Cantilever Scaffolding System

Cantilever Scaffold

Cantilever scaffolding is highly cost effective and time effective in situations where the surface does not allow for a regular scaffolding system. In normal circumstances where the ground surface is stable and leveled, erecting a conventional scaffolding system is possible. Conventional scaffolds are usually erected on a frame or a base plate that rests on … Read more