How Much Should A Scaffolding Rental Cost?

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$20 per square meter per month, or $1.8 per square foot per month. This is a very rough calculation of how much a scaffolding should cost, however like many construction projects, the actual cost can vary based on the size of your project, and the location of your project.

As a general rule, the higher you go, the more your project will cost per square foot.

When it comes to estimating the cost of a scaffold rental, it is impossible to give an exact one-size-fits-all answer. Some of the information that will be required in order to make a good estimation include:

  • How much scaffolding is required (this can be based on a square meter basis, and a height requirement)
  • How long will the scaffolding be rented for

With these two questions answered, it is much easier to get an estimation of how much scaffolding is required and what the cost will be.

Small Assembly Rentals

Many companies will rent out small assemblies, which will often be sufficient to get many tasks around a home done.

Single Tower Scaffolding Rental Cost

A single tower that can reach 3 or 5 meters (9 or 15 feet), can be rented for around 60-80$ per week, or 100-140$ per month. This cost will vary significantly depending on the region you live in, but this will get you scaffolding which will allow you to reach many elevated areas.

These scaffoldings will cover a lateral length of about 7-10 feet (2-3 meters) depending on the exact scaffolding model.

Some companies may allow day-rentals, but many companies have certain minimums, and thus often a week or month rental is the minimum.

Transportation Cost

Along with the cost, you also need to factor in the transportation cost. If you live close to the rental location, the cost may be minimal to have the scaffolding dropped off and picked-up, but if you live further than 50 miles (80km) from the rental company, transportation costs may add up.

A drop-off less than 7 miles (10km) may cost a total of $50 for transportation, but a dropoff location further than 50 miles may cost 120-150$. And this cost will vary depending on the scaffolding supplier.

Thus, it may be worthwhile to keep the scaffolding for a bit longer to ensure the entire task and other similar tasks get completed rather than have to rent scaffolding another time and pay the transportation again.

Therefore, for a basic tower, which will reach about 5 meters (15 feet), and provided you live in close proximity to the rental company, the rental should cost about $200 per month. The exact cost will vary depending on your exact location.

Additional Add-Ons

Unfortunately, there are always additional add-ons that need to be purchased. Examples include additional platforms, guardrails, and more. Platforms will cost an additional $20 per month, Guardrails can cost approximately $40 per month.

Additionally, in some cases installing a stairwell may prove to be much safer, but it will come at an additional cost.

With these additions which may or may not be required, you may increase your cost to $260 to $300 per month. And more platforms and more bracing may be necessary depending on the size of your project.

What is important to remember is that this $300 is for a single unit, which will cover only 7-10 feet of lateral length.

Repairing a Wall with Scaffolding Example Rental Prices

If you need to repair an entire wall, then you need to calculate the amount of units that will be required to reach the whole length of the wall. For example, if you have a wall which is 30 feet (10 meters wide), when you will need to triple the amount of scaffolding required, and thus your project will go to about $900 per month.

Based on these rough calculations, we come up with a unit which is 3 meters wide, and 5 meters high. This means 15 square meters, and if you divide this by $300, you come to $20 per square meter, or $1.8 per square foot.

This cost of $20 per square meter ($1.8 per square foot) is a very rough calculation, and can only be used to calculate the cost of renting a scaffolding for a “small” project.

Labor and Other Costs

What is neglected when using this cost estimation are other additional costs such as labour and health and safety installations.

If you are working on a small project and it is just you and your family working on it over the weekend, then the cost of labour is a very minor or even a negligible consideration.

If you are hiring people to do work for you, then the cost of labour will play a key role in your project.

Along with labour, if you require retrofits in order to ensure your project meets all the required health and safety regulations, the costs can increase drastically.

For example, if you need to install an engineered anchor point in order to be able to secure someone with a harness, your costs will increase drastically.

The cost of these add-ons will vary not only from one location to another, but also based on the size of your project.

Therefore, when estimating the price for a scaffold rental, a rough ballpark figure is $20 per square meter ($1.8 per square foot). It is crucial to remember that this is a very rough number, and depending on the length of time you rent the scaffolding for, the size of the project, and the additional health and safety requirements, the cost can go up substantially.

Should I Rent or Buy Scaffolding?

When costing your project, the question of whether or not to buy is also an important consideration.
The biggest concern will be the length of your project. If we use the numbers listed above, then we see that a 15 square meter project will cost about $300.

Looking online, the materials required to cover 15 square meters would cost about $800. This is based on four scaffold frames at $50 each, four scaffold braces at $20 each, and four decks at $100 each. Then there are some other accessories such as leveling jacks and locking arms which can add about $100.

Therefore, unless your project is going to take more than three months, it is probably best to rent the equipment.

A similar calculation can be performed if you are dealing with a larger surface area. However, when calculating the amount of scaffolding required for a larger area, you can consider the option of finishing one area of a project, and then moving the scaffolding to a new place. If this is possible, then you can halve your cost, and thus you can cover twice the area with the same $300 you spend per month.

Storing The Scaffolding

Another factor to consider when deciding whether to rent or buy is whether you can store the scaffolding.

If you are planning on using the scaffolding frequently, but have to play o store it, you might still be better to rent it. This will depend on whether you are an individual living in a suburban area with an empty garage, or a compact city with very little cheap storage available.

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