Modular Scaffolding System

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Modular scaffolding that is based on the conventional tube and coupler method is the modern scaffold of today. As opposed to the old days, people now are more inclined to design unique looking buildings with complex structures. Modular scaffolding is just the work structure to set up when constructing such a building.

Modular scaffolding is also referred to as system scaffolding, and is highly efficient because of its flexibility. It can be set up on the outside or inside of a building to allow for work on both sides. This makes a system scaffold extremely versatile, and a favorite in the construction industry.

System or modular scaffolding consists of different tubes and posts. These are connected with each other according to the project’s requirement. In addition to the adaptability it offers, modular scaffold’s components are also very easy to store and transport because they can be stacked on top of each other.

Prefabricated scaffolding is another term for modular scaffolding. The components are already manufactured, and they are designed solely for their intended purpose which is why it is also referred to as prefabricated scaffold.

The advantage of prefabricated scaffolding is that its flexible components can be adjusted in accordance with the task at hand, meaning that the same equipment can be used for a variety of projects. This makes modular scaffolding a very cost-effective type of scaffold.

Modular scaffold is fairly easy to set up. It involves linking horizontal tubes to the vertical post at different points. Because of its many positive points, modular scaffolding is used in many applications in different kinds of industries, including refineries and shipyards.

Cuplock and Kwikstage are the types of modular scaffolding that are in common use today. There’s also the lesser known Ringlock type. They are adaptable and reliable. The amount of time, energy, and cost that goes into assembling a modular scaffold is considerably minimized due to the simplicity of this system.

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