A Guide To Scaffolding Safety Hard Hats

On nearly all construction projects, hard hats are a part of the workers uniform. Scaffolding can be an industry with a high risk of falling parts, because of the nature of the work. When installing different components of the scaffolding, there is always a possibility that parts will fall from above.

Ensuring that users are aware of how to properly use a hard hat will ensure their safety.

Considerations for Scaffolding Hard Hats

Local Norms

The first part of finding a good hard hat is to follow the local norms and ensure they comply with them. The best way to do this is to check the local guidelines, or visit a local health and safety equipment supplier, who will know the local norms, and which hard hat you need.


It is also crucial to know the environment the hard hat will be used in. For example, if the scaffolding is being set up in a steel mill, then the interior temperatures will be very hot. This extreme heat can cause the plastic to melt, and thus will render the hard hard useless if something were to fall on it.

Therefore, you must know the environment you are working in to assess whether there are any special requirements that will need to be met.


Knowing what the employees need on their hard hats is another thing that must be considered. Some environments require employees to work at night or in darker environments, and thus it is important to be able to attach a headlamp.

Many hard hats have attachments which can attach a head lamp, but is it important that the hard hat chosen does in fact allow this attachment to be added.


Comfort of the employees is also a huge aspect, as well as ensuring the hard hat stays on. Hard hats have an adjustable strap, which wraps around the head and can be modified to fit the user’s head size. However, in some situations, having a chin strap will give some added protection, and ensure the hard hat remains attached in the event of lots of head movement.


Once suitable hard hats have been chosen, there are other things that hard hats can be used for, including communicating the various roles that different employees have. Some companies use the white hard hats to indicate which employees are part of management, but other companies have implemented different colour coding schemes.

Some companies assign red hard hats to anyone who is a part of the first aid team. This means, that in the event of an emergency, anyone who has been trained in first aid can be quickly identified.


When choosing hard hats, the most important thing is to follow the local safety regulations. Once you have found hard hats that meet the local requirements, ensure they can be adjusted and properly fit the employees head.

The worst thing that can happen is that the employees are not comfortable when wearing the hard hat, and they avoid wearing it all together.

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Alex has spent most of his working life in the concrete and cement business. While working in these manufacturing facilities, he worked on several projects, where health and safety was always the biggest priority. Whether it be working on small ready-mix concrete sites at minus 30 degrees Celcius (-22 Farenheit), or working inside large cement manufacturing facilities, working at heights meant requiring scaffolding to reach the hard to get-to places. It also meant working in areas where a fall could be dangerous or even deadly. From these various experiences, he developed an understanding and appreciation of scaffolding.

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