Scissor Lift

A scissor lift is a work platform that is designed in a criss-cross fashion, hence the name. Scissor lifts are electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic. Such lifts can move only vertically to allow access to areas at a height, and are used extensively in the manufacturing and construction industry.

Scissor lift mechanism

A scissor lift is a very common aerial lift nowadays because of its many advantages. It minimizes risk, is easy to operate, and can carry heavy loads. It is available in many different sizes, and requires minimal storage space. It employs a very simple mechanism that we are going to look into below.

Scissor lifts use simple parts to provide an efficient and quick work platform at a height.

  1. Platform
    This is the space on which personnel and/or merchandise are positioned.
  2. Base
    This is the foundation on which the machinery rests.
  3. Scissor Legs
    These are the parts that allow the lift to ascend and descend.
  4. Hydraulic cylinder
    This is what lets the scissor legs move. One to three cylinders are positioned between the scissor legs.
  5. Motor
    This gives the machinery all the energy it needs to get raised or lowered.

To raise the platform, fluid is pushed into the cylinder. A control valve manages the level of fluid to help the platform maintain its height. When the fluid is released from the cylinder, the platform is lowered. To allow for a safe descent, fluid is released carefully, and its speed is managed by a control valve.


Types of Scissor Lifts

As mentioned earlier, scissor lifts come in three different types:

  1. Hydraulic scissor lifts are powered by hydraulic oil.
  2. Electrical or diesel scissor lifts are powered by electricity or diesel.
  3. Pneumatic scissor lifts are powered by air pressure.

Hydraulic Scissor Lift

Hydraulic scissor lift is a popular option. The only problem, however, is that the hydraulic oil in the cylinder is affected by temperature. This means that in warmer conditions, the machinery operates at a faster speed as compared to in cold conditions. However, this problem normally occurs in old models of hydraulic lifts.

Electrical Scissor Lift

Electrical scissor lifts are an ideal option for indoor projects although they can be used for outdoors as well. They use electricity from a direct power source or battery. They are quiet, and produce zero emissions. It is extremely portable due to its compact size and innovative controls.

Diesel scissor lifts use diesel to operate, which causes emissions. These are intended for outdoor use, and can be extended between 10 and 18 meters from the ground.


Pneumatic Scissor Lift

Pneumatic scissor lifts will operate as long as there is air. They are environmentally friendly machines that use compressed air to move the lift up or down. Moreover, they are very easy to maintain.


Uses of Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are used in a variety of projects. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Building maintenance
    They are very useful when performing tasks such as changing light bulbs, changing or hanging signs, and hanging posters or banner.
  2. Rail
    In a railyard, scissor lifts can often be seen performing various tasks related to loading.
  3. Retail
    The shelves in a warehouse are quite tall which are much easier to reach with the help of a lift.
  4. Fire
    In case of a fire, scissor lifts present an easy and safe way to access tall parts of a building and attempt rescue missions.

Scissor Lift for Sale/Hire

A brand new scissor lift machinery can cost between almost 12,000 and 17,000 dollars, whereas used machinery costs much less, and can get the job just as well done.

Depending on the circumstances, you can either purchase or rent this machinery. Purchasing and ownership of scissor lift comes with additional costs, such as sales tax and maintenance. Renting can prove to be a much flexible option if you are looking to use the machinery for just a day or a few months.

The above mentioned prices are just to give you an idea of the cost of scissor lifts, and might vary from region to region. Therefore, it is best to check in your locality to get the most up to date price information.

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